Saturday, June 4, 2016

Xiaomi ZMI HB810 10000mAh (10-Ampere) Smart Power Bank with Micro USB Input

The power bank revolution on this blog started when I spotted a 20000mAh (20-ampere) model from China. And I think it is good to share my own insights about the excellent travel buddies as well for power outages. ZMI HB810 is another line of battery pack from Xiaomi. However, it is less powerful compared to Quick Charge 2.0, its 20000mAh variant.

Furthermore, Xiaomi ZMI (available in white package only) offers a maximum of 10000mAh capacity and for me, it is good enough to recharge a typical 3000mAh or 4000mAh handset for multiple times. Maybe, for about two or three times from a fully-charged mode. This will also work with solar pad chargers for temporary storage as well from car chargers with 5.1-volt and 2-ampere (2000mAh) output.

As a prospect user, you have to remember that the input voltage in charging this model starts at 5-volt (2-ampere where 1-ampere is equivalent to 1000mAh) to a maximum of 12-volt (with 1.5-ampere) only. You have to use this power buddy with caution. Its internal battery can be fry by more than 12-volt input with higher amperage. And as a smart power bank, it is capable to detect the charge requirements of your device but it could also fry your battery at once.

For the other specs of ZMI HB810, it is also equipped with micro USB or Type C (for recharging only) and regular-size USB (for charging external devices) ports. Its internal batteries (connected in either series or parallel) comes with 3.7-volt (18650) and 1000mAh each capacity. The output capacity starts in 5-volt at 2-ampere from its highest peak of charge.

In addition, Xiaomi ZMI HB810 has been built with elegant and metallic package. Its compacted case shows a strong-looking power bank with slightly hidden power detection key and LED charge indicator. It is ideal for iPhone, iPad (for emergency charge only), Samsung, and other supported devices.

And remember, this will not work with laptop computers but you can also use this in some 2-in-1 or convertible tablets. Prices of the said 10000mAh battery pack starts at about $20 and up.



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