Thursday, June 16, 2016

Xbox One S is Up Treated with 2TB of Storage and 4K Resolution

Before the appearances of a real Xbox One S, handful of its leaked photos started to appear on the Web. The massive gaming community started to talk about its possible specs and other related details but nobody knows the exact stuff for another exciting console. And now, according to reports, Microsoft is about to reveal the new version of their very own gaming machine in the upcoming E3 conference.

Furthermore, Xbox One S is a compacted machine that can give a maximum of 2TB of storage. A 500GB and 1TB versions are also available among the first wave of variants that will hit the market by August. The overall size of this model has been reduced to about 40-percent from the original and prominent version in stores.

Changes in Xbox One S includes a new 4K video playback support. That is to offer a much better resolution compared to the prominent version in stores. The overall package shows a sleek and smaller with a built-in 4K Blu-ray disc player. And it is also treated with USB port for Kinect motion controller.

In addition, other spec of One S line includes a newly enhanced Bluetooth technology to support a much wider range. And prices for 500GB model starts at about $300 and up.



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