Thursday, June 2, 2016

Weeview Eye-Plug Phone Stick Accessory for Type-C USB Ports

Weeview surprisingly revealed their very own Eye-Plug smartphone accessory at Computex 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan. A small but powerful third-party device for capturing 3D videos and other multimedia files. According to reports, it is also capable of running the built-in camera of the host handset through its own and exclusive application.

Furthermore, Eye-Plug is like a small compacted stick with a camera, a plug-and-play device for Type-C port enabled gadgets. Probably, this will also work in tablet computers with the same Android platform and micro USB ports. However, for now, there is no words if the said device will also work in either iPhone or iPad from Apple.

For other capabilities, Eye-Plug will also allow the mobile phone user to take a 3D selfie videos with the help of its auto-focus, auto-correction of background, and light sensor controls. And guess what, prices of this third-party (or we may call it as extended camera) will only start in $35.

Aside from its 3D capturing capability, unlike with GoPro cameras in bulky package, this mountable plug-and-play camera will come as a pocket size device. Compared to other third-party device with the same capability (for wireless), it doesn't require a running Bluetooth frequency.

For other specs of Eye-Plug, the one appearing at Computex may offer a minimum 2-megapixel resolution and more for device (supported Android platform) that runs Android 4.4 and up.



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