Sunday, June 5, 2016

Vinsic Iron P6 20000mAh (20-Ampere) Smart Universal Power Bank

Power banks continue to evolve in capacity and that is because the demand of global market. Different brands from China continue to rise in number invading the mobile phone industry and other handheld devices. Vinsic Iron P6 is another line of 20000mAh (20-ampere) battery bank, a universal and smart travel buddy for extra juice of power.

This model is equipped with two regular size USB port for charging supported devices and micro USB (Type C) as its own recharging port (for voltage input). Compared to Xiaomi Quick Charge 2.0 with the same 20-ampere capacity, it is more elegant on its black metallic case. And it is equipped with advanced charge monitor in numeric LED indicator.

Furthermore, Iron P6 can offer a higher charge capacity compared to ZMI HB810 from Xiaomi. Its another line of 10000mAh model I spotted recently along with 2-in-1 tablet PC from a Chinese website. However, both of these different brands can offer multiple charges to smartphones with about 35000mAh battery capacity.

In addition, this Vinsic 20000mAh power bank supports two simultaneous charging for different devices. Both of its regular size USB ports can offer a minimum of 5-volt with 2.4-ampere power output. And it is design to work and support smartphones coming from Apple (line of iPhone) and Samsung (for Galaxy line of Android phone) as well for those handsets coming from Chinese producers.

And this elegant power bank is another ideal travel buddy for power outages, outdoor, and even as temporary storage for solar charger pads. It is also expected to offer a fast-charging and smart voltage and current detection to avoid any possible problem while operating in unwanted condition. Prices for this model starts at about $30 and up. Other variants (with 10000mAh or 16000mAh) with lower or higher capacity is also available for Vinsic Iron P6.



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