Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tronsmart Quick Charger 3.0 (CC1T) with 12-Volt up to 24-Volt DC 4.2-Ampere Input

Since then, I am obsessed with free and renewable energy resources. For the past two years, I have been working with solar panels, solar charge controllers, battery banks, power inverters, and different kinds of adapter. And even on how to extend the battery life of my car through the use of a whooping 2-farad capacitor.

Cars with 90-ampere alternator can fill a 12-volt and 100-ampere battery in just a matter of twenty to thirty minutes of charging. However, if the idler continue to kick for extra power, the car built-in charge controller will just stop accepting more inputs to keep your battery safe from overcharging. But the good thing about it, you can store that excess power to any smart power banks with about 20000mAh just like of Pineng PN-983, Romoss 6 Sense Plus, or in Vinsic Iron P6. And user can also choose to direct their mobile devices on its regular-size USB port (for charging only).

Tronsmart Quick Charger 3.0 (model CC1T) is just one of those car chargers that support a maximum of 120-watt of input and this will also work in any lighter ports with 12-volt up to 24-volt DC 4.2-ampere output. A fast-charging device that can offer 5-volt up to 12-volt of maximum output. And it is also compatible to most of available compacted sedans, trucks, and SUVs as well to any 4-wheel vehicles with lighter ports.

Furthermore, the elegant-looking Tronsmart Quick Charger 3.0 can guarantee the safety of users because it is also equipped with over-charging, over-current, and even a short-circuit protection just like of a typical solar charge controller. That is to avoid frying the batteries of supported mobile phones, tablets, or any other portable devices.

In addition, prices of Quick Charger 3.0 starts at about $12 and up. And before I can forget, it is also equipped with charge status indicator, a small LED lamp (located on the upper side of its USB port) that will turn from red to green (for charging to full-charge battery respective modes). A 36-watt variant with dual-USB (for simultaneous charging) and Type C output is also available in different prices.

And this portable charger will also work with Apple's iPhone or iPad, smartphones from LG, Xiaomi, several unknown Chinese devices, HTC, and as well to other supported devices with either regular-size or Type C USB power ports. And for me, it is one of the most important travel buddy we need for the unused energy that can be extracted from our cars.



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