Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Upcoming iPhone 7 May Support Inductive or Wireless Charging

Aside from leaked photos and details about the upcoming iPhone 7, the Apple's blockbuster handset fanatics may expect a new feature just like with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Sony Xperia. And that is to support wireless or inductive charging. For now, user must obtain a separate module or device, a charging case and mat for inductive charging.

According to CNet, because of the new Apple Watch which includes a magnetic inductive module, to take advantage this technology, Apple may also offer this module to iPhone 7. And it possible for them to threat the new iPhone with the same technology and charging capabilities. Furthermore, the chances of implementation of the said module is less than 25 percent but that can contribute to the excitement of iPhone followers.

iQi Mobile is a prominent manufacturer of induction chargers for Galaxy S6 and Xperia. An iPhone compatible charging pad is also available from them to those who would like to experience this technology ahead of time. And also for Samsung, an Wireless Charging S-View Clip Cover accessory is also available to offer the said feature.

And the last blockbuster handset that may take advantage of inductive charging technology is the iPhone as well those other elegant Chinese brands. Prior to this post, leaked photos of iPhone 7 continue to stir the Web.



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