Saturday, June 11, 2016

The New iPhone 7 Will Be Equipped with Intel and Qualcomm Chips

Recently, leaked photos of the upcoming iPhone 7 started to stir the Web from unknown sources. Expectations from fans and followers of Apple's most awaited handset for inductive charging enable model brought up an exciting feature to watch. And now, according to Bloomberg, the said new version will be equipped with Intel and Qualcomm chips at the same time.

According to reports, iPhone 7 will be treated with Intel and Qualcomm DNAs just like of several 2-in-1 tablets from China. Maybe, they are thinking of these two different names to offer a more powerful line. Intel will be responsible for its GSM communication chip and Qualcomm for its Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology.

But all of these stories are not new from Apple. Their initiative to embrace new possibilities brought them on the top of every competition. Before, I heard that Samsung (their former closest competitor) previously joined the U.S.-based company to manufacture parts in some of their portable products.

Probably, Apple is about to bring a new twist in telecommunication platform and efficient speed. Or maybe, they are about to embrace the CDMA tech to increase bandwidth capacity as well to take advantage of its other capabilities. And because of this, Apple may change the game in compatibility by moving ahead over the other smartphone manufacturer.

But before of anything else, while talking about those unconfirmed rumors related to iPhone 7, Apple is also planning to sell electricity generated from their newly owned solar power plants in Cupertino and Nevada as well from their existing facilities.

And probably, aside from selling iOS powered smartphones and tablets, they will be sharing the bounty of clean, free, and renewable energy to their neighboring community.



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