Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Teclast X98 Pro 9.7-Inch Tablet with Intel Atom Cherry Trail T4 Z8500 CPU

At first, I compare Teclast X98 Pro to Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 before giving a few details about the 9.7-inch dual-boot enabled tablet. This might be an odd case but of course, that is because of my excitement about an iPad Mini clone and to hear a lot from any Intel Atom Cherry Trail powered ultra portables. Those specs remind me that X98 Pro has a unique capability and features for less than $240 tablet.

Going back to that article about Teclast X98 Pro, it is a compacted handheld machine treated with the same CPU to Xiaomi Mi Pad 2. The blockbuster Intel Atom Cherry Trail line known for being a power efficient processors available in most of dual-OS and convertible tablet computers. However, X98 comes with a thin and maybe flexible keyboard.

For now, there is no word for other accessories available for Tectlast's 9.7-inch tablet. Its original product page shows a Surface Pro like exclusive keyboard accessory, stylus pen, and other supporting devices (such as power adapter).

Teclast X98 Pro is also packed with Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition and Google's Android 5.1. And it is also equipped with 4GB DDR3 of RAM and 64GB of eMM storage. Compared to other dual-boot enabled tablets, this model also support a maximum of 128GB of external flash card. And maybe, that is large enough to store numerous amount of .avi, .mov, and other supported multimedia clips.

And just like of other China-made tablet computer powered by Cherry Trail line of processor and the same dual-boot support, it has a very elegant external appearances from its metallic plastic case.



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