Monday, June 6, 2016

SmarTone ST Protect for iOS and Android Platform Threat Detector

As I take a look around in Chinese technology blog, this threat detector subscription in Hong Kong captured my attention. It is a practical and powerful app for iOS and Android users who are willing to pay an extra cost just to keep their privacy from other users. Sad to say, users must pay for another HK $18 (or about $2.32 in U.S.) per month for extra protection.

Furthermore, the company behind the application offers a month-long free trial to prospect users. Subscription is available in SmarTone telecommunication with partnership of Zimperium, a U.S.-based security and technology company. According to report, this application is ideal for frequent WiFi hot spot users in public places (like in terminals and bus stations).

In addition to ST Protect, it has a machine learning capabilities for updates and acquisition of other security-related information. It is also capable to initiate self-diagnostic for smartphones for any unwanted behavior from threats and prevent any action from malicious scripts.

Maybe, the near future will introduce this technology in other telecommunication providers in Asia and the neighboring countries of Hong Kong. And it is also expected to work in any line of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, and several Chinese brand of smartphones.



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