Sunday, June 5, 2016

Romoss Sense 6 Plus 20000mAh (20-Ampere) Power Bank with LCD Monitor

Romoss is not new in power bank industry. As the matter of fact, I have my own 5000mAh version coming from their own line of products. Romoss Sense 6 Plus is another line of 20000mAh (with 20-ampere storage capacity) battery pack in the market along with Xiaomi Quick Charge 2.0 and the elegant-looking Vinsic Iron P6. And these brands are all coming from Chinese manufacturers based in mainland China.

Furthermore, Sense 6 Plus is equipped with LCD monitor for its battery charge current level and charging status. Just like with Iron P6, it has a two regular-size USB ports (as output for charging third-party devices) and micro (Type-C) USB port as its voltage input. However, it is much bigger compared to the above mentioned brands.

For less than $30, this might be the cheapest 20-ampere power bank with a more advance features. It is also expected to offer a fast-charging operation and smart charging error detection. And just like of other brands, it is also a universal device that supports several handheld devices and even a 2-in-1 tablet computer.

Compared to Xiaomi, Romoss Sense 6 Plus has a bulky metallic case. That is probably because of its battery connectivity (in series or parallel) to obtain a maximum of 5-volt output.

In addition, this travel buddy offers a 5-volt output for both regular-size USB ports with 4-ampere of power. And its input voltage ranges from 5-volt up to a maximum of 12-volt (with minimum or about 1-amp to 2-amp of current). Just like of my old model, this will also work in iPhone and Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones as well to other supported brands.



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