Saturday, June 11, 2016

Rock Dr.V Smart Protective Phone Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7

One of the prominent mobile phone accessory manufacturers brought up a new line of protective gear exclusively designed for Samsung Galaxy S7. Rock Dr.V series includes this light and elegant-looking phone cover along with the same accessories which are also exclusive for iPhone and other China-made smartphones.

This light protective phone cover is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC) materials. That is to offer a long-lasting protection from wet and abrasion. Due to TPU's hard and smooth segments, the said protective case can give a strong and elastic covering with another level of resistance.

Furthermore, Rock Dr.V is also made of comfortable leather-like structure as another light and thin layer. It was tailored to fit in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge handset with opening for its micro USB (Type-C) port, built-in microphone, speaker, and standard 3.5-millimeter audio output. And that includes an exclusive openings in front-facing and main cameras.

It has an active and transparent front-cover which allow the user to answer calls without opening the case. And the side cover shows a rubberize plastic that can tightly fit to its protected handset. User can also expect a smart feature (for wake and sleep) of this case just like of other typical cover treated with magnetic field.

If this protective gear is ideal for standard Galaxy S7 Edge, it is not a necessary accessory for special or limited edition just like of Iron Man (for Galaxy S6) and Batman (Injustice Edition) inspired models. This can overlay the front and back theme of those variants.



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