Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pineng PN-983 Universal 20000mAh (20-Ampere) Power Bank

Following the appearances of 20000mAh (20-ampere) line of power bank from Xiaomi, I spotted Pineng PN-P983 joining the revolution of battery packs with the same capacity. It is also a universal device for smartphones and other handheld devices. This will also work in most of 2-in-1 tablets with about 5000mAh or less battery capacity.

Furthermore, Pineng PN-P983 has a compacted metallic case and LCD monitor. It is more advance compared to Xiaomi's Quick Charge 2.0 line of a dual-USB port enabled power bank. In terms of size, it has a handy elegant looking package with rounded edges and with half the size of Romoss Sense 6 Plus.

However, it has a bulky case compared to the elegant-looking Vinsic Iron P6 line with the same 20000mAh capacity. Other specs includes a two regular-size USB ports for output, one micro USB for input, and it is equipped with Lithium-Ion batteries (connected in either series or parallel to obtain a 5.1-volt output).

The upper side of Pineng PN-P983 shows a small LED lamp (to be used as flashlight) just like of other brands. And due to its universal design, it is also expected to work in most of available smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and other Chinese brands. From a fully-charged status, this can be use multiple times in a typical 3500mAh powered handsets and other supported devices.

In addition, PN-P983 is cheaper compared to the other above mentioned line of 20-ampere power banks. Prices starts at around $30 and up but that will always lesser than $50. This ideal travel buddy will also work with most of solar charger pads and power output (for recharging) in laptops as well in cars.



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