Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pineng PN-963 10000mAh (10-Ampere) Universal Power Bank

Following the appearances of its 20000mAh (20-ampere) version, I recently spotted this 10000mAh (10-ampere) variant of Pineng's power bank. PN-963 has less capacity compared to PN-983 but both are equipped of Lithium-Polymer battery. However, this variant offers a sleek and elegant packaging treated with LCD digital display.

Pineng PN-963 has two regular-size USB ports for charging and micro USB (Type-C) port for recharging operations. Compared to Xiaomi's ZMI HB810 with the same 10000mAh capacity and with only one USB port for charging, this model can offer a much better charge indicator in several good-looking case.

Furthermore, just like of other battery banks from Vinsic, Xiaomi, and Romoss, Pineng (Malaysian manufacturer) offers a fast-charging operation. A universal device ideal for smartphones with 4000mAh or less battery capacity. This will also work in iPad, Galaxy Tab, and other handheld devices.

Despite of its 10000mAh capacity as a shortcoming from other brands, this travel buddy can offer three to four charging operations. It can support up to two simultaneous devices from its 5-volt 2.1-ampere and 5-volt 1-ampere ports. It has an input voltage of 5-volt 2-ampere and rated output of more than 31.5Wh.

In addition, as noted by its product page, this universal power bank is fully compatible with iPhone 6 line, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, HTC, Blackberry, and Sony Ericsson mobile phones. It is currently available in either black or white with shades of red and in carbon-fiber look cases.



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