Friday, June 3, 2016

Minecraft Players Continue to Rise in Number, Sold More than One Million Copies

The players of the massive game continue to rise in number. According to report, there are more than one million copies has been sold since the acquisition of its title by Microsoft. And it is because of its cross-platform support which can attract more players for Xbox One, Windows Phone, as well for PC.

This June, a two different versions of Minecraft are expected to hit the global network. First is the most awaited Player vs Player (PvP) enabled version for multiple user environment. And the Minecraft: Education Edition to promote learning while playing the massive game. This might be the right time for this game to be flocked with another wave of players, the summer season.

For more about the above mentioned version of Minecraft, see the following 3-minute video below about the education version of the game:



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