Monday, June 6, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Other Social Networking Accounts Has Been Compromised

The other social networking accounts of the notable founder and chief-executive officer (CEO) of Facebook has been compromised. According to reports, the security breach of his account made by OurMine (group of anonymous hackers) in Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest stir the Web. And that could happen to famous personalities of the world.

Furthermore, the previously reported LinkedIn leaked credentials (that includes million of user names and passwords) are the alleged cause of this breach. The team of underground hackers claimed the account of Mark Zuckerberg and start to change, post, and even humiliate the billionaire. The case immediately gathers a lot of positive and negative reactions from his followers.

And maybe, his Facebook very own credentials possibly challenged those hackers to crack more codes from the digital haystacks of accounts.

This scenario is a wake up call to everyone that people with interest in our accounts can immediately shake our heads without a warning. And the case of the compromised account of Facebook founder is more than enough to be vigilant, keep the security level of our accounts, and be responsible with our online activities.

In addition, those hacked social networking accounts of Mark Zuckerberg are no longer available. The respective Web administrators of Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest immediately response to the action made by those underground folks. And I am sure that they are now working for a much stronger security firewalls to avoid and repeal the reported unwanted attack.



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