Friday, June 3, 2016

i.Tech Dynamic High Resolution ProStereo L-Series Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones

The prominent headphone manufacturer i.Tech Dynamic introduces a new wave of Bluetooth 4.0 headsets, the ProStereo L series. According to report, these new line of wireless headsets are treated with Music Clip 9100 technology and give a direct line from the physical stereo headphones. It has a standard 3.5-millimeter audio output for a wired line.

Furthermore, the elegant-looking headsets are both capable of working through a direct line or Bluetooth frequency. And for wired connection, the odd thing is, it is added with third-party device to relay a dynamic sound frequency between the source (maybe a smartphone or any supported portable music player).

In addition, these two different variants will come as ProStereo L1 and ProStereo L2. Both are expected to offer a high-resolution and dynamic sound through Music Clip 9100 device. And these new line of headsets are built from a silver 4N highly purified oxygen-free copper wire covered in aluminum alloy shell for long-lasting performance.

And the Music Clip 9100 offers a several digital control for a fully-enhanced and dynamic sound. Maybe, it is also design to navigate or control the source or the driver of the entire headset. But for now, there is no words for iOS or type of Android device support. It is also expected to hit the market for less than $100 and up.



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