Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Is it Possible to Run an Android App in iPhone? Through a Protective Gear?

It is the most oddest story I ever heard about a typical iPhone and Android applications. However, the following video below will demonstrate how the Apple system could be override through a protective case. Someone from Tendigi brought up this video clip in YouTube, a very interesting way to run an Android app in Apple's blockbuster handset.

According to reports, the application is not actually running in iPhone. The iOS protective shell allows the app to appear something like on its own environment. On this video, the iPhone user connect the physical device to the protective gear and launch the Tendigi app. It means, the protective gear is capable to support its own app. And that is to initiate and run an Android app through the pre-installed Tendigi.

For more, see the following video below from Tendigi:

I am totally ignorant of what is going on with that version of iPhone, red protective gear, and the running Android app. To tell you, I discover this interesting topic from a Chinese website who is also responsible for sharing the above clip. The only thing I know is, it is also possible to turn a typical iPhone to support a dual-boot (with iOS and Android at the same time) platform through a few twist.

Prior to this new app for iPhone to run and support other Android apps, I used to talk about the leaked photos of iPhone 7 that continue to stir the Web. And some folks are also thinking of inductive or wireless charging support support from the upcoming new line of Apple's blockbuster iOS handset. These mythical stories related to iPhone brought up a new exciting stuff to wait.



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