Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Imo vs Facebook Messenger: Chat, Video Calling, and Group Messaging Support

Socialization and constant connection with our family and friends through a famous application has change the face of global telecommunication technology. For the past decade of existence, Facebook continue to improve their very own messenging platform while other free and downloadable apps with the same features rapidly rise in number.

Facebook Messenger is now available in either Android, iOS, or Windows platforms regardless of the fully compatible device. User can choose to use this app in different ways. It could be in online chatroom of the social networking site or in a separate downloadable version. User can send unlimited amount of messages, audio and video files, photos, and even domuments (files not in multimedia format).

On the other side, here comes the "Imo" app for free video and audio calls as well for sending unlimited text messages (internationally or domestically) free of any cost. It has an almost silimilar chatroom to Messenger that also support a multi-user groupchat or channel. To start using Imo for free, user must get a copy of this app and register a valid and acceptable credentials.

In addition to Imo, it is like a social networking app with limited functions compared to Facebook. However, both requires an Internet connection to work. But for Imo, sending of text messages for free to any network becomes a norm.

Furthermore, Facebook allow the user to send a maximum of 25MB of files which is not possible in Imo through a private or group chat channel. Archiving of conversation trend is also available in Imo and Messenger but in terms of environment, maybe, Facebook has a lot of advantage.

And to know more and discover the distinctive functions of Imo and Messenger, use both of these apps to experienced their other untold features.



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