Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ASRock Compacted DeskMini 110 PC with Mini-STX Chipset and Intel Core i5-6500 CPU

I just spotted this compacted ASRock DeskMini 110 (with Mini-STX board) machine while reading reviews of Skylake x86 chips. The first of a kind compacted PC to sport the newest line of CPU from Intel Core i-Series. The most recent review from Anand Tech introduces a good performing machine due to its underlying specs. Aside from a whooping 3.2GHz speed, its Samsung's solid-state drive (SSD) can give a strong advantage over its other competing brands.

ASRock is not new to offer this line of compacted computers. Their very own model with mini-ITX (a slightly bigger variant of mini-STX) board brought up a lot of promising performance that a typical or tower computer can bring. And that is one of their proven model that become popular to the global market.

Furthermore, other specs of ASRock DeskMini 110 includes support of up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, Samsung SSD 950 Pro storage (with 256GB up to 512GB of sizes), and Intel HD Graphics 530. And it is also equipped with USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Micro USB 3.1 (Type C), and Intel's Gigabit Ethernet technology.

In addition, the said DeskMini 110 is also treated with 64-bit Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (Professesional) edition, HDMI port, standard 3.5mm audio output, and sophisticated yet effective cooling system (specialize fan). And prices for this model starts at about $740 and up.

It is quite expensive but because of its underlying specs and size, this machine has something to offer than. And this small but promising machine is also ideal for graphics application, video streaming, and even as a gaming rig for massive PC video games to compete with portable HP Omen and Asus new line of ZenBook.



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