Friday, June 10, 2016

Apple is Planning to Sell Electricity from Cupertino and Nevada Power Plants

Next to iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, Apple also plan to sell renewable electricity. According to reports, they started a new name for energy business and started to buy facilities in California and Nevada. It is another interesting story to wait for the upcoming years while waiting for a new wave of their blockbuster devices to hit the market.

Furthermore, Apple is following the footsteps of Microsoft and Facebook. These two tech giants are prominent to embrace renewable energy sources but we never heard any plan to sell their resources. Maybe, Apple has a plan to compete with Tesla in a different ways, not to sell cars but reliable power sources.

Before, Wired and Biomass Magazine reported the plan of Microsoft to put up a stationary fuel cell plant to power their data center. Prior to that, the company had their own hydro-electric station to draw a huge percentage of their facilities and office buildings power needs. And Google got their own way to embrace renewable energy sources through their Google Green projects.

Going back to Apple, the company is about to make a few twist in technology industry. Aside from drawing power for their own facilities, they are even planning to extend the reach of their resources to the profitable public.

Maybe later, we will be surprise by Samsung to have a self powering handsets through an ark reactor for having an Iron Man inspired Galaxy S6. And this will not end the line of power banks and car chargers in the near future.



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