Friday, June 3, 2016

Afraid of Losing Your Smartphone? Let Google Work for You!

Apps for finding lost mobile phones are not new since the appearances of these in Android and iOS platforms. Apple got their exclusive way to answer this problem in only few simple steps to allow the mobile phone user to find their lost iPhone or iPad through the Internet line and even commencing action (to lock) remotely.

Google brought up a new level of security feature through the use of active mobile number regardless of user's location. At first, my understanding about the said feature will just enclosed the use of my active all-in-one account for specific computer or devices. However, far from what I know, this feature can extend its operation even in finding lost mobile devices.

As a user, you can enable this feature in only few steps by allowing your handset and Google services to synchronize. And how to use it? As the owner of lost handset, you need to login in your Google account, move to the said services, and type "I lost my phone." Let the search engine giant to find your handset in four-word command.

And what is good about it aside from having an finders keepers? According to report, Google is about to introduce a new features that will allow mobile phone users to lock and call (just for the ring) to locate their lost smartphone.

To know more about on how use this feature, you can login to your Google Account and move to Find Your Phone section. And this will allow you to synchronize your handset in only few steps with your active account.



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