Sunday, May 29, 2016

Xbox One's Video Game Developer: They Are Working on a VR Title

This year, Microsoft is expected to showcase their very own title with virtual reality (VR) gaming technology in the upcoming E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) gaming conference in Los Angeles, California. But before that, someone from their very own game developers revealed a few exciting details about the plan. According to report, they are currently working on a title with VR headset support.

In addition, Microsoft previously inked a deal with Oculus, a well-known producer of VR technology. The unknown developer missed to mention a few words about the supported hardware. However, the said title is probably design to work in Oculus Rift or to any available gear from the third-party company. And sad to hear that availability of that VR-enabled title will start by next year.

Maybe, before the 14th of June (as scheduled for the upcoming E3 conference), someone from the video game industry will connect the dot about the awaited plan of Microsoft. Furthermore, someone from video game insiders said that the company is planning to sell a more powerful Xbox One by 2017.



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