Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What is IKEEXT in Windows Services?

In relation to my previous post (about the AeLookupSvc in Windows), IKEEXT is another interesting entry in my computer's list of services. And this one is more interesting than the other (correct me if I'm wrong) because it is a network-related background program.

We have nothing to worry about the IKEEXT and probably, just because of its appearances on the list of Windows services (in uppercase letter with short description), it can open our curiosity and start to type this uncommon name in a search engine.

According to a Windows 7 Ultimate power user (from Seven Forums), IKEEXT stands for IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules. It is responsible for the encryption and authentication of IP security. A network protocol responsible for Internet Key Exchange (IKE) as well in Authenticated Internet Protocol (AuthIP).

It means, as part of Windows requirement for network resources and protocol, we have nothing to worry about the IKEEXT. Keep it running to avoid threats and network related problems.

Furthermore, IKEEXT is a required service for event auditing and other related user's action. It is not a threat for any user but maybe for your anyone who is a subject for Internet or network usage auditing.



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