Monday, May 30, 2016

Virtoba X5 VR Headset for Simulating IMAX-Like Movies at Home

Virtoba is not new in producing virtual reality (VR) headset. Following the appearances of their visual entertainment product line, the X5 series has something to offer than its pioneering models. According to reviews, it is ideal for simulating IMAX-like 3D movies for less than $40. Aside from having a cost-effective price, it is also noted for having a good viewing angle.

Furthermore, Virtoba X5 has a complete adjustable 120-degrees field of view (FOV) from its aspherical 42mm lens and interpupillary distance (IPD) support of about 58mm up to 72mm with 5mm auto-focus adjustable feature. It is also equipped with "Indirect Touch" primary button and adjustable headband.

To know more about the said VR device, see the following video from Gear Beast below:

In addition, Virtoba X5 is also ideal for rendering several 3D video games to simulate a vivid and realistic scenes. It has a core flexible headphone which is essential for a good sound quality and high phonetic effects for users.

Aside from the above mentioned qualities of X5, for me, it is an ideal gadget beginners who would like to experience the rumbling environment of any cinematic effects at home in a cost-efficient device.



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