Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sony is Giving 10% Discount for Uncharted 4 in European PlayStation Network

Recently, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End earned the top spot of UK's video game chart while having a massive drop on global sales. And now, Sony is giving a 10% discount for European PlayStation Network fanatics. This might be a 5-star PS4 exclusive promo but good enough for anyone who would like to own the month-long game for about 50-pound only.

Sony is giving this special offer to European players but for now, there is no word for the craving North American players.

According to one of Uncharted 4 review, the video game offers a unique experience for players. As a third party shooter, the Counter-Strike inspired map and environment brought up an action-filled experience.

Furthermore, just like of other special prices offered in video games (for Xbox One, PlayStation, and PC), the 10% discount will only run for up to few days or weeks. And as a prospect player, you may think of this as your great and right opportunity for Uncharted 4.



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