Tuesday, May 31, 2016

ShellHWDetection (Shell Hardware Detection) and AutoPlay in Windows

Maybe, one of our problem in browsing the list of services of Windows is the short names and out-of-this world acronyms with short description. Just like of AeLookupSvc and IKEEXT, we may think of threats running in the background services of our computer.

ShellHWDetection is another shorthand that can lead to confusion. In behalf of the technical term, it stands for Shell Hardware Detection, a system services for the line Windows Server 2003 as well in Windows XP. And it is added since the first build of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for the said operating system.

Furthermore, ShellHWDetection is responsible for providing notifications in AutoPlay hardware and also serve as agent for some multimedia services (such as in detecting AutoPlay event for pictures, MP3 (any audio raw file), and video files.

Please do not terminate this background service if you think it is responsible or a contributing factor for some issues in your computer (specially in memory requirements that may disrupt your processing speed). And remember, it is the most important part of every Windows OS in AutoPlay features.



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