Thursday, May 26, 2016

Samsung Galaxy C5 and C7 Debuted in Mainland China

Again, the Korean smartphone giant is bumping a low-cost 5.2-inch Samsung Galaxy C series in the Chinese market. A good strategy for the mainland manufacturers to keep an eye on the newest line of Android phone that may capture the tastes of their own people. According to reliable sources, the C5 and C7 are specifically design to start a new Android phone revolution.

Prices of Samsung Galaxy C series in Chinese market starts at about $340 and less than $400. All models are equipped with 4GB of RAM with varying flash storage sizes from 32GB (for standard 5.2-inch C5 model) to to a maximum of 64GB. The cost of 5.7-inch C7 with the same memory and storage capabilities are slightly higher compared to its smaller version.

Samsung Galaxy C Series Smartphone in China

Furthermore, these Samsung Galaxy C series are also packed with a promising battery charging capabilities. Just like of other new Android smartphones from Korean manufacturer, both are expected to have a fast-charging features and battery efficiency.

The said models are also equipped with Snapdragon 617 CPU and screen resolution support in up to 1080-pixel (in Super AMOLED display).



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