Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Run Old Software and Compatible Devices through AeLookupSvc in Windows

At first, I am wondering how the AeLookupSvc (stands for, Application Experience) in my computer. Due to a serious issue related to the speed of my computer, I end up looking for any unwanted running services that can possibly contribute to slowing machine. AeLookupSvc is one of those services that capture my attention.

According to Maximum PC Guides (a reliable source of any solutions in fixing computer-related problems), AeLookupSvc is a background services since the time of Windows XP and Windows Vista. And because of the big leap, driver compatibility for different platform become a serious issue. However, AeLookupSvc is responsible for notifications about the software installation failure and any related problem.

Furthermore, this background service is also responsible for request in processes application compatibility cache. An agent for catching errors in software installation errors as well for detecting old and uncompatible hardware in Windows computer.

In addition, for Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, AeLookupSvc is also available just like in Windows 7 and Windows 8 platforms. A lightweight background app capable of knowing the right OS for our old software and hardware.

But if you are comfortable with your current computer configuration, you may wish to disable this running agent through the Control Panel in Administrative Tools and list available Services.



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