Friday, May 27, 2016

Player vs Player (PvP) Edition of Minecraft is Coming!

Microsoft along with 4J Studios officially announced the most exciting twists for the blockbuster video game. Minecraft: Console Edition is up this June with a new exciting player vs player (PvP) enabled feature. Multiple players can now enjoy the battle in a randomly selected scenes that supports a maximum of four simultaneous users.

In using Xbox Live as the network hosting platform, the game offers a maximum of eight players to offer a more exciting battle scenario. A special map is also available for PvP users with another corresponding fees. The good thing is, the game offers a multiplayer environment to promote sportsmanship and another level of excitement.

Furthermore, the upcoming update will support a dual-screen mode and simultaneous background music can be experienced by active players. And guess what, all changes on Minecraft will be given for free to all platform.



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