Friday, May 27, 2016

Microsoft Windows 10 Notifications and GWX Control Panel

You may ask on how to stop or block the never-ending notifications of Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 for another update. In some point, it is already bugging you for another changes in your platform, right? I am not telling you to stop the significant updates for the security and hot fixes of your operating system, but for other reason, you may choose to disable the update notification.

Think of GWX Control Panel, a third party application that can help you with the said notification problem. GWX stands for "Get Windows 10," a tricky name coming from those folks who are responsible behind the entire app. A popular software for geeks who are willing to sacrifice the time-to-time privileges offered by Microsoft for the licensed Windows users.

GWX Control Panel in Windows 10

GWX Control Panel is equipped with several functions to stop, hide, or disable the pop-up notifications of Windows 10. Through the said blockbuster software, you can block all the automatic updates without a user intervention and preventing the future re-appearances.

Furthermore, upon installing GWX Control Panel in Windows 10, while running, it is accessible through the system tray just like of other background applications (running as background services). And remember, GWX is a free and downloadable app (not included in any OS original installation) for anyone who would like to embrace the functions of the said updates blocking software.

Note: You can also disable the automatic updates of Windows through its own Control Panel (for a wiser and simple steps). However, pairing your Windows 10 with GWX is a different story.



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