Friday, May 27, 2016

HP Introduces Omen Line of Gaming Laptop and Desktop PC

The universe of PC gamers is about to rocked by HP's new and powerful gaming rigs, the Omen laptop and desktop line. A new line of gaming industry standard to answer the needs of the craving players around the globe. According to reports, the said upcoming models are expected to hit the market few months from now.

HP's Omen line of laptops are available in 15-inch (notebook) and 17-inch models, both are equipped with full high-definition (HD) and 4K display technology. Other specs includes a stunning new generation of Intel Core i7 CPU paired with 8GB of RAM (for base model), 1TB of hard drive (HDD), and 128GB of SSD storage.

The 15-inch model is also equipped with 4GB of dedicated memory within the NVidia GTX960M GPU. An excellent pair for any resources-demanding video games, right?

In addition, user can choose to upgrade the base model with 8GB of memory to 16GB, 1TB of storage to 2TB and option for NVidia GTX965M graphics (with the same 4GB of memory). And for 17-inch model, base specs starts with 12GB of RAM, 1TB of HDD, and 128GB of SDD storage.

For HP's Omen desktop line, it is an upgraded version of Envy Phoenix. It is also equipped with Intel Core i7 CPU, 32GB of RAM, 3TB of HDD, and 512GB of SSD storage treated with NVidia GTX1080 GPU. The portable and desktop models are both loaded with Microsoft Windows 8.1 (no words for Windows 10).

These portable and powerful machines are also built to support VR systems such as Oculus Rift as well with HTC's Vive. Furthermore, availability of the said portable gaming rigs will start on July 10, 2016 in Best Buy and HP's official online store. Prices will vary according to costumer's selected specifications. And the desktop (tower PC) line is up on the following month.

On the other side, MSI is about to showcase their very own GS63 Stealth Pro in Computex 2016, a high-performance portable machine with slightly similar specs to Omen 15-inch machine.



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