Friday, May 27, 2016

How to Use Microsoft Snip and the Keyboard Print Screen

The basic routine in copying, cutting, and pasting content in computer needs a simple keyboard tricks. A simple combination of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + P maybe enough for text and images. However, if you are planning to expand the reach of your skills, you can use the built-in tool of every Windows operating system.

At first, Microsoft offers a Snipping Tool for anyone who would like to sneak and copy content in multimedia (for pictures only) format. It is a built-in application accessible through the Accessories shortcut of Windows operating system. User can simply lunch the application and do the basic tasks of copying and pasting content anywhere within the system.

Snipping Tool is just one of those built-in application for the said basic routine in duplicating content. Microsoft offers a free and downloadable "Snip" app that offers a more advanced capabilities. Compared to the native app (the Snipping Tool), Microsoft Snip is an alternative, lightweight, and works along with the keyboard Print Screen.

User can run Microsoft Snip in the background services, stay on top of the entire screen, and way for the Print Screen to trigger its action. A little combination of this app can further enhance the content of the newly captured screen. It is a combination of Snipping Tool and the ever-powerful Paint which allows the user to write, highlights, erase, copy (to computer's memory), and save a captured content.

Microsoft Snip is also equipped with the basic picture-editing features, voice recording to be added on file, and capable of saving its current settings according to the preference set by the active  user.

And before I can forget, this simple but powerful app will work in all Windows platform (in Windows 7, 8, and 10). Furthermore, you can get a free and downloadable copy of this tool in Microsoft Office Mix official download site.



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