Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Update Microsoft Windows 10 Pro to Enterprise in Easy Way

Recently, Microsoft is giving a handful of significant features for Windows Insider Program participants. Build 14352 brought out a lot of surprising changes in Cortana (personal digital assistant app) as well in Windows Ink. However, some of the new wave of updates are still available in English, but it is also expected in the other languages few more days from its official release.

According to a Microsoft-bound report, along with the said beneficial changes, the updated version of Windows will allow anyone to upgrade from Windows 10 Pro (Professional) to Windows 10 Enterprise (in a very simple and easy way) without restarting the entire system. That will ask the user to enter a valid licensed or product key along with only few on-screen instruction and simple steps.

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Upgrade

The enterprise version of Windows offers a wide variety of functions. Compared to professional setting and environment, user can now extend the reach of the new platform to a server-like environment. That includes support for a complete installation of Microsoft Visual Studio .Net programming tool, IIS (for Web server), and more.

Unlike with the previous version of Windows (either in 7 or 8), the upgrading routine is slightly different. Furthermore, user can choose to obtain a licensed copy of Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise on a separate disk (usually, from DVD package), launch the installation disk, and wait for the complete changes to take effect.

Update: Due to unknown technical problem with my Microsoft Windows 10 package, I prefer to wait for another build before the upgrade. It means, the above steps will only take effect from the most updated version of professional edition.



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