Thursday, May 26, 2016

Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.3 Supports in Microsoft Windows 10

Deep Freeze is a prominent computer restore software from Faronics. It is known as powerful tool to overcome most of malicious scripts and viruses. The pioneering versions are proven and tested as effective application for keeping us safe from different possible threats. And for the past years, the said application evolved to answer the never-ending problem in computer technology.

Faronics, the company behind the early and ongoing development of Deep Freeze officially announced the availability of a fully-released version with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system support. This update is also available for existing installation in Windows 8.1 and earlier computing platform. According to official statements, a handful of bugs in older version are completely fixed.

The following are several hot fixes added in Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.32.220:
  • Problem in Maintenance Mode
  • Problem in Microsoft Windows Updates
  • Problem in Workstation Task
  • Problem with Deep Freeze Console Crash
  • Problem in Windows 10 Support for Deep Freeze Console
  • Problem in Validation of Licensed Key
  • Problem in Command Line Utility
  • Problem in Console and Active Directory
  • Problem in Cloud-based Update
Expect a several upcoming updates for other unknown problems of Deep Freeze Enterprise in Windows 10. As an active user of this computer restore software, you can read and catch the entire changes through the company's official online library.



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