Saturday, June 14, 2014

TIM Offers a Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch For About 100-Euro Only

An Italian Web store offers a Samsung Galaxy Gear starting at a base price of about 100-euro only. And this might be cheapest deal in Europe for the said smartwatch. Compared to other stores in Western and Asian countries, prices started at around $150.00 and up. Luckily, TIM started to offer this gadget few days ago in promo prices.

Initially, the price of Samsung Galaxy Gear in TIM is nearly closer to some new of Android phones. From about 300-euro, the store surprisingly dropped the price for about 200-euro. Sad to say, it is the predecessor of Galaxy Gear 2 Neo and Fit.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch in TIM

However, to own a Samsung Galaxy Gear with reasonable prices, TIM has a complimentary stuffs for buyers to choose. For now, pre-order is only available to Italian buyers and it is also expected to appear in local stores with the same range of prices.



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