Thursday, June 5, 2014

Team Peppy WP05 OEM 1020mAh Lithium-Ion Power Bank

Team Peppy WP05 is a 1020mAh lithium-ion power bank to answer the needs of iPhone users. Most of those battery packs in stores are typically designed for Samsung and other smartphones which makes an Apple handset owner to think for their charger most of the time. And this might be the newest solution for that problem by having a Lightning compatible power bank.

Aside from iPhone, Peppy WP05 is also compatible to other Android smartphones from Samsung and Sony as well to other brands. An OEM pocket-size device that can change our way of thinking about a possible power source for an Apple-made handset.

However, compared to other power banks, the only disadvantage of Peppy WP05 is the capacity to hold a much longer or enough supply due to its 1020mAh battery. It is good to have it for quick charging and in emergency purposes.

Team Peppy WP05 1020mAh Lithium-Ion Power Bank

As I try to compare Peppy WP05 to those power banks with 3000mAh and up lithium-ion battery, it has a few shortcomings in terms of full-charging capacity. And this might be our good buddy while traveling with our iPhone and low-powered Android phone.



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