Thursday, June 26, 2014

LG G3 4G LTE-Enabled Model is Debuted in Taiwan

The availability of 4G network in Taiwan attracted smartphone manufacturers from neighboring countries to compete in locally-produced brands. Despite of marginalized market share, the South Korean manufacturer is invading the home of HTC One by introducing their very own 5.5-inch 4G LTE-enabled model of LG G3. It is now available in Chunghwa Telecom for NT $22,400.00 or about $800.00 in U.S.

LG G3 has been welcomed by local stores due to the expanding 4G network all through out the country. It is available in several models with the same network connectivity support. Buyer can choose from either 16GB model for NT 20,900.00 or 32GB for a much higher prices.

LG G3 5.5-Inch 4G LTE-Enabled Smartphone

In terms of specs, LG G3 is equipped with quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (Krait) CPU at 2.5GHz, 2GB to 3GB of RAM just like with the new generation of Samsung Galaxy Note, 13-megapixel (OIS) main camera, and 2.5K screen resolution from its quad-HD (QHD) display technology. And it is available in several colors.



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