Saturday, June 28, 2014

HTC Volantis is the New Upcoming Google Nexus Device?

An Italian website spotted a new device where Google is possibly working with. This might be a mysterious 8.9-inch tablet which recently appeared in a newly started site. However, the said portable machine has no specific name aside from those clues that leads to HTC Volantis. And it is my first time to hear this mystical device to stand under the flagship of Nexus.

Furthermore, as I try to look around, some of HTC Volantis technical specifications are now available but nobody can tell the exact plan of the search engine giant to offer a new line of Nexus products. Probably, far from what we know, they are already working on it.

HTC 8.9-inch Volantis Tablet

Aside from those rumors, someone in Twitter shares a factual image of HTC Volantis as the new upcoming Google Nexus device. And some of those specs shows that it is equipped with Logan K1 NVidia Tegra chip, 2GB of RAM, 16GB or 32GB of storage, 8-megapixel of main camera, and supports a 2048 x 1440-pixel screen resolution.

The above technical details is not enough to confirm the upcoming new Google tablet. But photos coming from unknown source are really convincing for a new line of Nexus device. And the only thing I know for sure, this tablet will be running the newest version of Android to face the existence of iOS 8.



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