Thursday, June 26, 2014

Google Fit is Coming to iOS 8 and New Version of Android

To answer the needs of fast-growing fitness apps and gadgets, Google is about to respond by introducing their very own Google Fit Health Kit for iOS 8 and new version of Android platform. According to reports, this app will become possible in coordination with Nike, Adidas, Intel, RunKeeper, Polar, and other fitness hardware manufacturer.

And Google Fit will provide an application protocol interface (API) for those hardware to work with two computing platforms. This might be a good start for some programmers to create a much better fitness app in the near future by taking advantage the availability of Google's collection of usable data.

Google Fit Platform for iOS and Android Platforms

Furthermore, due to Google Fit API, smart devices coming from the above mentioned manufacturers will become available for app developer for tweaks. And before I can forget, the said app is expected to arrive in the upcoming new version of iOS and Android devices. To make it clear, it is different from Samsung Gear Fit device or smartwatch and it is a data collection platform for electronic wristbands and alike.



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