Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Well Discounted Yellow 16GB iPod Touch is Now Available

Surprisingly, while waiting for the blockbuster iPhone 6, a new version of iPod Touch is now available. And guess what, it is a yellow 16GB model with a well discounted price from original. However, do not expect an iOS 8 pre-loaded variant but the new line of 32GB and 64GB are now treated with 5-megapixel main camera.

From $229.00, the newest version of iPod Touch is now available for $199.00 only. This might be a reasonable price for a touchscreen-enabled device with 16GB of built-in storage. Compared to the original and dominant models of iPod Touch in stores, the new models are treated with only few changes aside from having a good price.

Yellow 16GB iPod Touch

And the said yellow 16GB version of iPod Touch has been added to the new line of 32GB and 64GB models with 5-megapixel of camera. Both are now available for pre-order in Apple's official Web store and it is expected to appear in the global market few days from now. That is to replaced the older and pioneering models in stores.

Before I can forget, the 32GB model is available for $249.00 and 64GB for $299.00 or nearly $300.00 only.



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