Friday, May 23, 2014

Touch-On Display Through On-Cell Technology Feature of iPhone 6

Before the arrival of Apple's most anticipated iPhone 6, some folks are now talking about the major changes of the said smartphone compared to its predecessors in stores. According to reports, it is possible for the next generation of iPhone to be treated with a much bigger screen, lightweight, and responsive performance.

Going back in January, I heard that Apple invested in a sapphire substrate glass technology somewhere in Arizona. And now, a study revealed the possible advancement of the company. That is to introduce a thinner iPhone 6 due to its "touch-on display" feature. Due to "on-cell" technology, they are now capable of producing a lightweight hardware with sapphire substrate treated display.

Possible Screen Size of Apple iPhone 6

Furthermore, the "touch-on display" feature of iPhone 6 remains a mystery for most of us. It is a good indication that the company is planning to revealed a very surprising smartphone few weeks or months from now. A high-quality handset with a much stronger screen and sleeker overall design. However, it is much bigger compared to iPhone 5S and other previous version of iPhone.

Recently, Business Insider brought out a handful of photos taken from a possible screen sizes of the iPhone 6. But for now, nobody from Apple confirms the said story.

Update: Due to those pics coming from reports related to iPhone 6, Apple is probably changing the typical 5-inch smartphone to a phablet computer.



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