Sunday, May 25, 2014

Samsung Gear 2 Solo, Smartwatch with 3G Module

Samsung introduces a new line of wearable devices way back in February, the next generation of Gear (Samsung Gear 2 Neo and Fit). And now, the company surprisingly announced a 3G enabled gadget, the Gear 2 Solo. According to reports, the said wearable device is equipped with Tizen operating system, Micro-SIM, Bluetooth 4.0, built-in camera, GPS, and cardiac monitor module.

Furthermore, Samsung Gear 2 Solo might be powerful enough for its compacted size and nature as a typical wearable device. It is more advanced compared to what we can get from its predecessors in stores due to several features which are not available in the pioneering versions of Samsung Gear.

Availability of Samsung Gear 2 Solo will probably start by summer as noted by a South Korean website. The company is planning to revealed the said smartwatch in local market few months from now. And it is now in Korean Intellectual Property Office for certification and licensing of patent.

Samsung Gear 2 Solo Smartwatch

Due to its underlying specs and reported modules, Samsung Gear 2 Solo is capable of making calls but there is no words for sending text messages, Wi-Fi connectivity, and supports for any other networks aside from GSM and Bluetooth 4.0 technology support.



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