Thursday, May 22, 2014

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Portable Keyboard and Accessories

Microsoft claimed that the new version of Surface Pro can possibly change our way of thinking about the hybrid computer. For about $800.00, the company offers the 12-inch machine equipped with fourth (4th) generation of Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processors and a promising 9-hour of battery life in a single charge. Compared to other brands (Panasonic CM-MX3 and Lenono ThinkPad 11e Yoga) with similar features, the current price is slightly higher due to its unique and genuine features from the company flagship.

Microsoft introduced Surface Pro 3 a couple of days ago. And now, some folks in community forum and social networking sites are talking about the drawbacks of a nearly $1,000.00 hybrid tablet. In terms of advantage, the said machine is equipped with a thinnest keyboards (the Surface Pro Type Cover) which can totally transform the entire system to a typical laptop computer. However, that is good for about $130.00 which are available in either black, purple, cyan, or red variants.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Integrated Kickstand Feature

The said Surface Pro Type Cover has a magnetic stability feature to keep safe the entire device from minor bumps. It has a multiple function of being a protective gear and a typical keyboard with standard keys. And compared to regular-sized input device for text and symbols, it is a specialized module that will only work for the 12-inch device.

Other accessories for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 which are also available for pre-order includes a Surface Pen for $50.00 and the upcoming 36W power supply for a much faster charging capability. It has an exclusive design which is totally different from any Samsung and Apple connectors.

Microsoft Surface Pro Black Type Cover
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Type Cover (Black)

Furthermore, a Surface Ethernet Adapter is about follow which will enable the entire machine to work in a typical network through a USB port aside from its Wi-Fi connectivity support.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Ethernet Adapter
Microsoft Surface Pro Ethernet Adapter

Microsoft Suface Pro 3 36W Power Supply
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 36W Power Supply

And because of those accessories, to complete the entire Surface Pro 3, you must spent for about $1,000.00 to experience its optimum performance and features.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Pen
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Pen

In addition, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the first hybrid machine with a fully integrated and compacted parts from a typical computer to run Windows 8.1 operating system.



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