Thursday, May 29, 2014

Apple iPhone 5s and 5c is Headed to China Mobile Hong Kong

For the past few months, I heard that Apple is planning to invade China through their colorful iPhone 5s and 5c smartphones. Despite of rumors for the upcoming iPhone 6 by the third quarter of this year, the demands of 5-inch blockbuster handset continue to rise not only in U.S. but also in Asian outlets.

It is a toughest decision for Apple to bump their own handset to their closest competitors in Asia. However, some Chinese users are optimistic in terms of brands and they expect the newest iPhone to appear in their local stores. According to reports, China Mobile Hong Kong will start to offer iPhone 5s and 5c before the end of May 2014.

Apple iPhone 5s and 5c in China Mobile Hong Kong

Prior to this, I heard that Apple previously blocked China Mobile Hong Kong to offer their blockbuster handset. But now, a surprising news coming from a Taiwanese website noted that Apple and the local network provider are working to offer the two new models of iPhone to the Chinese users.

And China Mobile Hong Kong will start to offer iPhone 5s and 5c starting this end of the month to August. In addition, the 4G LTE-enabled smartphones will take advantage the availability of TD-SCDMA and TC-LTE network technology of China Mobile in Hong Kong as well in mainland China.



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