Thursday, April 3, 2014

Samsung SM-T800 Tablet is Now Added to FCC Certified Devices

The mystical 10-inch tablet from Samsung, the SM-T800 debuted in FCC few days ago. And now, reports coming from reliable sources noted that the said handheld machine is now added to the line United States certified devices. This might be the next generation of Galaxy Tab tablet due to the size of its screen. However, nobody from Samsung confirmed those rumors but in fact, the company is probably planning to introduce the said device by the month of May or June of this year.

Samsung SM-T800 remains a mystery for most of us. Nobody can give or reveal the exact technical specification of the said 10-inch machine. And the only true behind those stories, this device will be added to the line of Android-powered tablets in global stores. It has a much bigger screen compared to Samsung's previously reported handheld products in 2014.

Samsung SM-T800 Android Tablet in FCC

And while we are keeping an eye to Samsung SM-T800, let us try to discover the plan of Apple for their next generation of smartphones and tablet computers. This might be the right time to turn our heads on them rather than following a mystical Android machine with unknown name, right?



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