Saturday, April 5, 2014

Roundup: Asus PadFone X, HTC One M8, PSP Vita Firmware and More!

The first quarter of 2014 brought up a lot of anticipated smartphones and tablets. The evolution continue when manufacturers and producers gathered in World Mobile Congress (WMC) in Barcelona, Spain to introduce their new line of gadgets. That includes the surprising appearances of Samsung Galaxy S5 along with the rival brands.

Going back in March, AT&T revealed the technical specification of Asus PadFone X. A 5-inch Android 4.4 (KitKat) smartphone treated with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in flash storage. The said handset was debuted in CES 2014 way back in January. An eye-catching hybrid phone with 9-inch docking station powered by a separate battery.

However, compared to Samsung which also introduced their new line of Gear wearable gadgets, Asus brought out their very own Fonepad 7 Android phablet. But on the other side, the Korean company got the official certification of FCC for their SM-T800 tablet. And according to reports, this might be the new line of Samsung Galaxy Tab to hit the market in 2014.

HTC One M8 is another anticipated 5-inch smartphone of this year. I considered this Android 4.4 smartphone as one of Samsung Galaxy S5 toughest competitor aside from Sony Xperia Z (a Wi-Fi only variant also appeared in Japan) and LG G Flex which is now headed to European stores.

In my own perspective, HTC brought up a confusing One Max way back in December of 2013 followed by HTC One X in February.  Aside from that, the Taiwan-based company also revealed a colorful line of Butterfly S Android handset before the end of last year.

While Android 4.4 continue to tease us for another user's experience, Sony officially announced the availability of Xperia Z series with Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) platform.

Furthermore, the gaming industry has been surprised by MSI AG220 and MSI AG240 all-in-one PC. Both of these models are powered by Intel Core i7 technology and has a capability to support a maximum 16GB of RAM and SSD storage.

And before I can forget, in Sony PlayStation Vita firmware version 3.10 received a newly updated screen to offer a new set of shortcuts and more accessible memory management capability. That makes a distinction compared the older GUI of another blockbuster ultra-portable gaming console.



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