Friday, April 4, 2014

Puro Introduces a 0.3-Millimeter Ultra Slim Smartphone Cover

The well-known Italian smartphone peripherals producer, Puro introduces a 0.3-millimeter thick ultra slim cover for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S. It is available in variety of colors with sleek and elegant design which can easily form to any supported device. This might be the newest line of cover to answer the needs of consumers to extend the life of their handsets for about 10-euro only.

Compared to a rubberized casing and cover, Puro 0.3 Ultra Slim offers a few advantage in terms of aesthetic quality. It has a promising performance against frictions and minor impacts aside from having a glossy appearance. A simple and lightweight smartphone cover that includes a screen protector for any possible risk in display.

Furthermore, user can choose from either iPhone or Samsung inspired cover through a printed logo aside from its ergonomic design. Aside from bumps, the said ultra-thin cover is also capable of protecting its supported iOS or Android device from scratches.

Puro 0.3-Millimeter Ultra Slim Smartphone Cover

Aside from Puro authentic accessories, a Lamborghini-inspired iPad cover which is also available in Italy captured my attention way back in December of 2013 and an iPhone 5s crocodile leather case last January in Paris.

In addition, 0.3 Ultra Thin cover is also designed to have a soft-touch surface, flexible, and eye-catching appearances. Hopefully, the said accessories will also reached the global market aside from being exclusively available in European stores.



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