Friday, April 4, 2014

Microsoft Office 365 for iPad Hits 12-Million of Downloads in 7 Days

MS Office 365 for iPad is now a blockbuster app that hits 12-million of downloads in seven days of existence. And guess what, it is now added to the rank of top most downloaded software in App Store. And according to reports, this might be one of the most awaited and stable version of the said application which continue to attract the worldwide users.

The rating of Microsoft Office 365 for iPad continue to rise as number of user increases. Surprisingly, the application earns a lot of favor for positive reviews and comments which are now in Twitter as well in Facebook and other social networking sites. Furthermore, subscriptions grows rapidly reaching the farthest border of Windows platform.

I will not be surprise by Windows 8.1 mobile operating system to introduce Office 365 but knowing the availability of this app in iOS and Android, it is like having a common productivity tool in another environment.

Unlike to other free word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software for iOS, having a particular Microsoft app in viewing and editing documents means a different story, right? And the number of downloads continue to grow and that 12-million hits can be doubled by the following week. Sad to say, use must have a license in editing their documents but not in viewing contents.

Microsoft Office 365 in iOS Platform

However, regardless of some shortcomings because of licensing issues, MS Office 365 has a good performance in iPad Air, iPad Mini, and probably, even in the next generation of 10.1-inch and 7-inch handheld machines of Apple with Retina display technology.



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