Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gresso Introduces Azimuth A1 Dual-SIM Luxury Phone

Following the appearances of Meridiist Infinite from TAG Heuer, Gresso introduces their very own dual-SIM Azimuth A1 luxurious phone from about $2000.00 and up. It is made with titanium metal and has been crafted with 18K white gold keys and logo. And guess what, according to reports, this might be the first line of luxurious handset to embrace a dual-SIM technology.

Gresso Azimuth A1 has a lower specs compared to what we can get from Sony Xperia Z series or Samsung Galaxy S5 as well to any of Apple's iPhone. However, due to its limited and well-crafted design, it is probably attractive for buyers who are looking for collectors item.

In terms of specs, Gresso Azimuth A1 is treated with 2GB of built-in storage (not enough for Windows Phone 8 default installation), 1.3-megapixel main camera, Bluetooth 2.0, and 1,100mAh battery. Compared to other brands, a 2GB of storage space completely limited for small applications. And probably, the said handset is typically design for calling and sending of messages only.

Gresso Azimuth A1 Dual-SIM Luxury Phone

Furthermore, Gresso Azimuth A1 is only available in 1,000 pieces. This will make the dual-SIM phone expensive compared to other brands coming from China, Taiwan, and even from Apple.



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