Sunday, April 6, 2014

Aston Martin Compacted Folio BZ Leather iPad Case

Aston Martin introduces a compacted Folio BZ leather iPad case for about 300-euro. A luxurious and elegant protective gear inspired by the famous car manufacturer in Europe. It is made of a high-quality hand crafted material available in either beige with yellow, black with red, or brown with orange stitching. According to review, it offers an excellent and comfortable space for its supported tablets.

For about 300-euro, Aston Martin's Folio BZ (for second to fourth generation of Apple tablets) case is synonymous to other high-end products of the company in stores. As we all know, the well-respected company in Britain continue to tease celebrities and the rich for their collectibles. However, the quality remains their top priority to answer the needs of consumers.

Aston Martin Folio BZ Leather iPad Case

Furthermore, Folio BZ offers a compacted multipurpose pocket which is really ideal for businessman and working professionals who would like to protect their gadgets. Compared to a rubberized and plastic covers, it offers a glossy outside appearances accompanied by the strong but elegant stitches.

Going back in December of 2013, Lamborghini introduces their very own sports car inspired plastic cover. That includes the company signature for 44-euro only. A fully customized accessories for iPad which are available in variety of colors. Compared to Folio BZ, the other brand offers a minor protection against bumps and drops with no further assurances.

In addition, an iPad Air cover made of gold also appeared in a European store way back in January.



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